Ubik Group Launches IMPACT’s Proprietary, Gold-Backed “Green Bank Network Token” (GBN) to Increase Access to Green and Sustainable Investing

Impact International Secured Investments (IMPACT) increases access to Green and Sustainable investing through an innovative proprietary Green Bond Lab facilitation process, powered by Ubik Group’s leading blockchain development.

The global pandemic has forever changed the investment landscape. Dwarfed for now is the slow-moving but mammoth-like debate on remedying climate change realities and gaining investor confidence. What then is a safe investment experience in a risk-averse and destabilized wealth creation reality?  What will help companies scale up in Covid-19 or invest in large-scale green and social impact projects post-Covid to ignite a green resilience movement? 

Referred to as Impact Investing, this unique space is experiencing a surge of activity. Sources generally agree that impact investing is “more important than ever,” enabling investors to “lean into the moment” and maximize the triple bottom line – green, social and economic.

Introduced in 2008, Green Bonds are rapidly taking rise on the global stage, and as a market are projected to surpass $1 Trillion USD by the end of 2020. Proceeds from these bond instruments are meant to exclusively be applied toward eligible environmental projects (e.g. renewable energy) while abiding by the Green Bond Principles. IMPACT continues to streamline its proven approach to green bond financing, wading through risk-averse Canada to faster-moving international waters. 

Demand for these bonds are starting to exceed what is currently available, positioning IMPACT’s Green Bond Labs as an ideal vehicle for assisting with raising capital in the Green energy market. A catalyst is in the gold-backed GREEN token Ubik Group is developing for IMPACT.

“With the unpredictability and volatility of global fiat-based financial systems, exacerbated by hyperinflation from governments around the world during the pandemic, investors are seeking alternative investment options with transparency and less risk, something blockchain can ensure. IMPACT’s decision to tokenize their gold reserves and launch the GBN token as a vehicle to fund the investment packages for Green Projects internationally will help spur access to Green and Sustainable investing and drive adoption to the burgeoning sector.” Jason Desimone, Head of Blockchain at Ubik Group. 

Recognizing the imminent need to de-risk the investment experience as an increasingly important criteria for investors, Co-founders Mr. L. T. Oliver and Dr. Connie Delisle for the consortium, co-created the first of its kind technology-infused 3rd party oversight, monitoring and reporting experience in starting up the First Green Bank Network. Serving as a model for its US 3rd Party Service, its US collaborator, The Green Bank Network continues to form under the leadership of Founder, Andy Shafer. Ubik’s boost will not only expedite the bond facilitation process, but also ignite each’s efforts to bake in and iteratively test tech automation for superior oversight of the Green Bond facilitation process through monitoring, performance and impact reporting with the integration of a secure blockchain system.



Ubik Group

Headquartered in NYC with a globally distributed team, Ubik Group is a software development firm that builds tech projects with a purpose. Specializing in exponential technology, most notably blockchain and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Ubik’s areas of expertise include tokenization, digital identity, digital wallets and custody solutions, data sovereignty, privacy, security, decentralized exchanges, cross-border and micropayments, supply chain logistics, and distributed networks. With a central focus on social impact, Ubik has worked with the likes of the United Nations, Amazon, American Express, IBM, Microsoft, the Ethereum Foundation, and more, to build innovative and cutting-edge solutions that make a difference.

First Green Bank Network, Canada

The First Green Bank Network is your premier 3rd party oversight, monitoring and reporting service developed for Green and Social Impact Bonds. Oversight of the Green Bond facilitation process creates efficiencies as well as improves transparency for all stakeholders. Once a Bond is sold and the project begins, clients are afforded superior project collaboration, monitoring and reporting services available for the life of the bond. The FGBN provides investors what they want – fully disclosed fees, unbiased, and real-time reporting that visually communicates project and portfolio performance. Structured as an investor network, FGBN is  for savvy institutional investors whose environmental and social projects receive green bond financing. 

IMPACT International Secured Investments Inc. 

IMPACT International is a boutique firm that assesses, facilitates and oversees the bond process. This includes Green and Social Impact Bonds as well as Secured bonds, with options for using their own hard asset collateral. Since inception in 2013, Impact has been developing potential for green re-mining and remediation operations that utilizes the latest green techniques and processing equipment, in environmentally safe and sustainable ways. In 2019, Impact responded to global investors’ concerns for increased transparency in bond facilitation as well as reporting processes. It brought to life the First Green Bank Network as a catalyst for both process and technical advancement in the bond oversight and reporting space.

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