Dynamic Ad Creation

Reach your customers at precisely the right moments with Ubik Group’s industry-leading dynamic advertising services


Weather specific ads drive higher engagement. Users are:


more likely to click on a link.


more likely to mention the brand page on social media.


more likely to convert, as opposed to those whose see generic ads.

Weather-Responsive Ads

Increase conversation with dynamic ads that shift with your audience's local temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind speed, and more.

Advanced Geotargeting

Market at the perfect time and place with location-based and pinpointed geotargeting, automated to suit your customers.

Event-Based Automation

Optimize media spend to react to specific events and activities, tailoring targeting and messaging in real-time.

From the Ubik Blog

3 Ways Weather-Tracking Tech is
Driving Business Efficencies

As weather tracking and forecasting technology becomes increasingly sophisticated, many companies are tapping into the data and using it creatively. The weather forecasting and services market is projected to grow...

Ask us about our cutting edge weather-based and geotargeted ad solution.

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