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  • • Onshore Tech Teams – United States based
  • • Offshore Tech Teams – Eastern European based
  • • Hybrid Tech Teams – Optimized Onshore/ Offshore


Triple Lock Guarantee

  • • We will carefully vet every recruit to ensure that they ‘get’ start-ups.
  • • Ubik is 100% committed to exceeding all of our clients’ expectations.
  • • Unhappy with a recruit’s 3-day trial period? You’ll pay zero, zip, zilch.


Tech Team Building

Unique value proposition and core competency founded on know-how and experience. Large or small, whatever your needs, we’ll deliver an optimum solution.

Strategy Consulting & Business Analysis

Impartial, experienced interface between your commercial and technical departments. Ensures that product development is aligned with commercial imperatives/ objectives.

Technical Architecture & Project Management

Healthcare, fashion, creative, fintech and real estate et al. Investment in R&D and ongoing learning and development.



Our hybrid model delivers cost savings in excess of 50%.

The staff we recruit are more experienced than NY hires.

Cultural Alignment

Proprietary recruitment process identifies startup mindset.

Our hires thrive in high growth, collaborative environments.


Optimize your development efforts whilst scaling your team.

Maintain competitive advantage and ensure quick releases.



Ubik Group’s mission is to become the go-to recruitment agency for startups looking to build highly talented and diverse tech teams. The company is a pending B Corp and strongly supports United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 5 and 10 to bring about gender equalities and reduce inequalities.

A software engineer by training, Mike cut his teeth as a goal driven tech team leader at Xerox and Johnson & Johnson before being head hunted by Amex. By now, veteran, onshore and offshore tech team builder, Mike employed cutting edge technologies for Small Business Saturday, voted the second most effective marketing campaign in the world.

Building on his successes, Mike has since acted as a technical consultant to multiple high growth startups in the fashion, creative, fintech and real estate sectors.

Recipe For Success

Having successfully delivered dozens of projects on time and within budget, Mike knows from first hand experience that startups are different. Ubik’s success is founded on the principle that great outcomes are contingent upon matching the individual needs of clients with first class technical people who thrive within the unique startup culture.

With contacts in over 50 countries, many years have been invested in cultivating relationships that are now leveraged to best serve client needs. To that end, Ubik will work closely with you to recruit a team that aligns with both your technical requirements and budgetary constraints, with cultural alignment a given.

Moreover, our immersive approach to communication and collaboration are key components of successful distributed team building, management and productivity between onshore and offshore teams.

Industry Excellence

  • Highly Experienced Management Team
  • Cost Effective Offshore
  • 100% Transparency – No Hidden Costs
  • Hybrid Solutions


 5+ YearsDeveloper Experience 1-4 Years
 25-40% Productivity IncreaseZero. Zip. Zilch
 50-60% Direct Cost SavingsZero. Zip. Zilch
 10-25% Indirect Cost SavingsZero. Zip. Zilch
 Yes Triple Lock GuaranteeZero. Zip. Zilch
 Yes Single Client Dedication Zero. Zip. Zilch
Pre-Screening – Language,
Aptitude, Personality, Cultural
and Technical Testing
 Vetting ProcessMinimail Vetting – Based on Basic
Keyword and previous
Employer Matching Only
 1-3 Weeks Team Ramp Up 1-3 Months
Developer Experience5+ Years
Productivity Increase25-40%
Direct Cost Savings50-60%
Indirect Cost Savings10-25%
Triple Lock GuaranteeYes
Recruitment FeesZero. Zip. Zilch
Single Client DedicationYes
Vetting ProcessComprehensive Pre-Screening – Language, Aptitude, Personality, Cultural and Technical Testing
Ramp Up2-3 Weeks
Developer Experience1-4 Years
Productivity IncreaseZero. Zip. Zilch
Direct Cost SavingsZero. Zip. Zilch
Indirect Cost SavingsZero. Zip. Zilch
Triple Lock Guarantee$14k – $40k
Recruitment FeesZero. Zip. Zilch
Single Client DedicationZero. Zip. Zilch
Vetting ProcessMinimail Vetting – Based on Basic
Keyword and previous
Employer Matching Only
Ramp Up1-3 Months



  • Building a tech team isn’t easy, but Ubik was like our personal concierge throughout the process. Not only did they help us find talented hires to bring aboard, but they made sure they were exactly the right fit for what we wanted to accomplish.

    Lyonel, Johnson & Johnson


So, whether you’re looking for 20 engineers, 4 project managers or 2 product managers, to find out what Ubik Group can do for you, use this form, or email ( or call us at +1-646-820-8024.