Know which software outsourcing company can save
you 50% on development costs?

Get to know UBIK.


We Build Talented Tech Teams

We build talented tech teams

We’re here to find the right tech solutions to satisfy your custom needs.

Whether dedicated or extended, onshore or offshore, fixed project or on-demand,
our teams are built with your business goals in mind.
We Work With Clients Of All Sizes

We work with clients of all sizes

With clients ranging from American Express, Johnson & Johnson, and Twitch to many fast-growing startups, we have proven success delivering software outsourcing solutions for a wide range of industries.


Flexible And On-Demand Talent

Flexible talent, on demand

We know there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to technology projects, so we take special care in sourcing, vetting, and strategically planning your team.

We’re committed to diversity and finding talent with proven success to scale your strategy.
Triple Lock Guarantee

Ubik’s 3-Point Guarantee

Through our proprietary sourcing process, we guarantee outsourced technology teams that are
1) Uniquely sourced and vetted
2) Cohesive and highly effective and
3) The right fit for your team culture.

We offer a trial period and replacement guarantee at zero charge to you, with zero hassle.
Proven, Professional Delivery

Proven, efficient delivery

Not only are we focused on speed and efficiency, but we provide 50% cost savings on average versus our industry competitors – all made possible by our global relationships, world-class technology talent pool, and tailored software outsourcing process.




Competing NYC AGENCY

5+ YearsDeveloper Experience1-4 Years
25-40%Productivity Increase
50-60%Direct Cost Savings
10-25%Indirect Cost Savings
Triple Lock Guarantee
Single Client Dedication
Multi-level screening process for outsourced teams spanning aptitude, proficiencies, language, experience, personality, and in-depth technical testing.Vetting ProcessTwo-step screening process: basic keyword and past employer matching only.
1-3 MonthsTeam Ramp Up1-3 Month
Developer Experience5+ Years
Productivity Increase25-40%
Direct Cost Savings50-60%
Indirect Cost Savings10-25%
Triple Lock Guarantee
Single Client Dedication
Vetting ProcessMulti-level screening process for outsourced teams spanning aptitude, proficiencies, language, experience, personality, and in-depth technical testing.
Team Ramp Up1-3 Months



Based in New York City, Ubik Group is proud to be one of the leading boutique technology outsourcing companies, committed to building talented teams for a wide range of clients and needs.

We’re passionate about helping CTOs reduce costs, exceed project goals, and continuously innovate and grow. That’s why top business leaders trust us to recruit the high-value tech teams they need. CONTACT